Should you report or wait?

Many workers hesitate to report an injury right after the incident or once they experience debilitating pain for fear of losing their jobs or their income. While the risk of both are there (albeit not legal) the downside to delayed reporting is exponentially worse than reporting injuries timely. If you delay reporting it creates the perception that the injury was not serious or that it did not occur at work. It also creates the perception of malingering and lessens your credibility once you finally wish to report the injury. Understandably most workers initially believe the pain they experience will go away with over the counter remedies and rest. However, insurance companies and employers use these best intentions to try and lessen their liability for your benefits. The bottom line is DON’T WAIT. Report your injury right away and if the pain resolves then the claim resolves and closes without further ado. The alternative option means you could wait months before getting the benefits you need, if indeed the injury is serious, and you could lose thousands in benefits.

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