The 6th man vs. the point guard.

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Injured workers wonder how much an attorney can help their case. Well that depends – is he/she the 6th man on your team or the point guard? The former can possibly get you a good result but the latter can change your life or help you get it back on track. There are attorneys who may not be as involved in your case until the very end – court appearances, trials, and settlement negotiations. From the beginning to this point there are other “players” on the team who will do their part in getting you through the system. This is the “6th man” kind of attorney on your case.

Then there is the “point guard” kind of attorney who guides your decisions from the very beginning. This kind of attorney has an overall picture of exactly what needs to take place to protect you throughout the case and guides you every step of the way. This includes not just a good outcome for your case but ensures that you are with the right doctor, that your work restrictions fit your limitations, that your employer offers modified work in good faith, and that your benefits are not negligently or improperly terminated.

Which kind of attorney works for you?